sportainable is a research program run by Prof. Dr. Peter Kuhn, University of Bayreuth, aiming at developing a sustainability benchmark for sports and their elements in order to provide assessment and consulting services on the basis of which structures are built that enable people to do in sport what they consider to be right from an ecological point of view.
The three levels on which we work are assessment, development and certification. Stakeholders in sport for whom we work determine the level themselves and receive feedback, advice and certification for the respective level.

Teams & Topics

Luisa Altherr & Anna Bertels | Assessment and Development TSG Hoffenheim
Theresa Beck | Ecology & Economy in Alpine Skiing
Andreas Bernard | Assessment Outdoor Climbing Nördlicher Frankjura
Lisa Biersack | to be defined
Marie Fröhlich | Assessment Skischule Montevia Lenggries
Heidi Gebhardt | Assessment Racket Center Nußloch
Tjark Gerull | Assessment and Development Werder Bremen
Lina Gündchen | Sustainability Manager
Viktoria Habermann | Nachhaltigkeit vs. Greenwashing in Outdoor Clothing
Alina Haider | Eco Design
Nora Harzer | Ökonomie und Ökologie in Lenggries
Heloise Hutter | Assessment Boulder Hall
Lea Kapteina | to be defined
Moritz Koller | Assessment Indoor Climbing
Johanna Kuhn | Life Cycle Assessment Handball
Annika Oliwa | Life Cycle Assessment Badminton Rackets
Laura Opitz | Assessment Summer Feeling am Unistrand, University of Bayreuth
Julia Röttger | Life Cycle Assessment Marker Bindings
Kim Schmidt | Assessment Climbing
Stella Tomm | Assessment Turn-WM Stuttgart 2019
Lea Wipfler | Life Cycle Assessment Bicycle Frames
Lena Wittmann | Life Cycle Assessment Dynafit Bindings


Sports for Future, an initiative that connects sportsmen and sportswomen, sports clubs and associations, fans and sponsors who want to use the unifying power of sport to meet the challenges of the climate crisis together.

Wagner, bureau for CSR, marketing and communication

Oberalp Group
Sustainability is a choice we invest in, because we believe in it. It’s a crucial part of our company values and daily business.

Dynafit, a brand of the Oberalp Group, is a high-tech outfitter for ambitious alpine athletes. The young, innovative brand lives lightness, speed, performance and technology on the mountain.