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We're building a think tank "think sportainable".


Rethinking sport as a whole in terms of sustainability

sportainable® is a research program run by Prof. Dr. Peter Kuhn, University of Bayreuth.
We develop a benchmark for the assessment and certification of sustainability in sports. Taking this as our guideline, we collaborate with our partners towards the development of structures that enable people to do in sports what they consider to be right from an ecological point of view.
As a result, we are rethinking sport together with our partners.

Peter Kuhn...

... is a professor of sports science at the University of Bayreuth and a pioneer of empirical sportecology in the German-speaking world. His dissertation "Indoor Sport and Ecology" (full text [german]), published in 1996, anticipates what is now considered the theoretical basis of sustainable sports development: creating structures in which people can do what they think is right from an ecological point of view.


Economy for the common good

ECG is an economic model, which makes the Common Good, a good life for everyone on a healthy planet, its primary goal and purpose.

Post-growth Economics

‘Post-growth’ is a worldview that sees society operating better without the demand of constant economic growth. It proposes that widespread economic justice, social well-being and ecological regeneration are only possible when money inherently circulates through our economy.


Michael Kopatz shows that people can live more sustainably without having to study climate change or factory livestock farming on a daily basis. Transition to sustainability can become automatic if structures are modified.
[Photo credit: Robert Armstrong on Pixabay]

Slow Sports

Rethinking sport. All we really need is our bodies, fresh air, comfortable clothing and aesthetic or exciting ideas for movement. And off we go. Désirée Smits provides an interesting approach to this.


Sports for Future
An initiative that connects sportsmen and sportswomen, sports clubs and associations, fans and sponsors who want to use the unifying power of sport to meet the challenges of the climate crisis together.

Bureau for CSR, marketing and communication

Oberalp Group
Sustainability is a choice we invest in, because we believe in it. It’s a crucial part of our company values and daily business.

A brand of the Oberalp Group, is a high-tech outfitter for ambitious alpine athletes. The young, innovative brand lives lightness, speed, performance and technology on the mountain.

Eco, Fair, Yeah
Sustainable, animal leather free & sporty lifestyle! The young brand bleed, located in Helmbrechts (near Bayreuth) since 2008 and built around a dynamic team, stands for innovative and functional products that meet both sustainable and sporty demands!

TSG 1899 Hoffenheim is a professional German football club based in Hoffenheim, Baden-Württemberg.

"Take only memories, leave nothing but tracks" — that's the credo of ECO SKI SCHOOL Andermatt, the first sustainable ski school in Switzerland.

PLANETICS wants to bring people's active lifestyle in line with the planet. With their marketplace for sustainable and fair sports gear, PLANETICS makes it easier than ever to make active lifestyles more sustainable.

Our vision is to bring sport comprehensively into the sustainability context and to anchor Education for Sustainable Development in physical education.

The global ecosystem of sports
By promoting the evolution of sports we work continually to encourage sports and their players worldwide.


Current Focus

Developing a innovative label "sportainable®" as an evaluation tool for the sustainability of elements of sport, based on openLCA and EcoGood.